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Why is my gut important?

  • Your gut is home to all kinds of important bacteria and other microorganisms, known as a microbiome.

  • Studies have shown the gut microbiome can influence your mood, energy levels, weight, and even how well you sleep.

  • And when things aren’t right, it can affect everything from your skin to your immune system.

  • See? Digestion is just the tip of the iceberg. Taking care of your gut could boost your wellbeing and help you to be your best self – so, how is yours looking?

How it works

Doing good for your gut can be really simple

At least, it is with MWELL. Our Microbiome Powder is crafted from just three carefully chosen plant fibres, including natural prebiotic chicory root. 

So, forget wincing through glasses of kefir or trawling health food shops for weird-sounding supplements. Just stir a scoop into your favourite recipes, hot or cold, to look after your gut while eating the foods you love. It’s gut health at its simplest.

What is a prebiotic?

  • Prebiotics are a type of fuel for the important bacteria in your gut. They help these microorganisms to grow and to do what they do better.

  • Prebiotics are totally different to probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria, while prebiotics fuel the bacteria you already have.

  • They turn up naturally in some roots, veggies, and grains. But if you don’t like the sound of chewing on a chicory root, you can get them in MWELL instead.

That’s just the short answer. But, before we get into the nitty gritty details, you’d better find out what you need.

Trust their gut.

Digital wellbeing matters, too.


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Gut health made easy