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What is MWELL?
MWELL is a new brand focused on taking the complexity out of gut wellness through delicious plant-based foods. Our quick quiz makes it easy to get personalised food recommendations and wellness tips. We offer a wide range of enjoyable, convenient and nutritious foods. MWELL has many desired benefits such as gut nourishment through prebiotics, plus fibre, protein, live cultures, energy support and immune system support. We save time making it simple and enjoyable to eat well.

What is MWELL Microbiome Powder?
MWELL Microbiome Powder is a super simple, plant-based blend of just three natural, high quality ingredients: oat fibre, prebiotic chicory root fibre and pea fibre – and nothing else. It has a neutral taste and smooth texture that mixes into almost any recipe, hot or cold.
What kind of products do you sell?
We started with MWELL Microbiome Powder. It’s a blend of just three natural ingredients, including prebiotic chicory root fibre. It's vegan, high in fibre, with no added sugar. And it comes with hardly any taste or texture to make it easy for you to place it in any of your favourite hot or cold drinks and foods. You can read more about it here. Now, we have just launched an exciting new range of plant-based products for inner wellness. You can start in the morning with a delicious, nutritious Overnight Breakfast Grain Bowl that is simple to prepare and makes for a great start to your day. As the day progresses our tasty Crunchy mix-ins can be added to bring a little excitement and nutrition to your boring bowls. Our nourishing Powder Mix-ins offer prebiotics, live cultures and fibre and can be mixed into nearly any food or drink without impacting taste. And, if you need a little treat, try a smooth, creamy and lightly sweetened Quinoa Pudding.

What’s the shelf life of MWELL products?
Please check your product's packaging to find its best before date.

How do I prepare my Overnight Breakfast Bowl?
MWELL Overnight Breakfast Bowls make grabbing a nourishing breakfast quicker, simpler, and a whole lot tastier. Just add your favourite milk, yoghurt, or dairy-free alternative before you turn in for the night, then pop it in the fridge. Come morning, a nutritious breakfast is served!

How can I use the MWELL Crunchy Mix-ins?
These blends are made from puffed red lentils and pumpkin seeds. Each has their own individual flavour and health benefit. Why not Immune System Support with crunchy almonds and high in Vitamin D from mushrooms or Energy Support with crunchy almonds and high in energy supporting vitamin C from acerola cherries. Each Crunchy Mix-in brings irresistible crunch to any boring bowl! Try it on soups or salads. Don’t forget to post your amazing ideas on where you use it here.

How can I use the MWELL Powder Mix-ins?
The MWELL Powder Mix-ins, including our first product, MWELL Microbiome Powder, are extremely versatile! Our Prebiotic and Fibre Powder and Live Culture & Fibre Powder allow you to add nutrition to foods without compromising taste. While the Prebiotic blend can be used in any food hot or cold, the Live Culture & Fibre blend should be used in only room temperature or cold foods. Why not check out some recipes for inspiration here.

When can I eat the MWELL Quinoa Pudding?
The simple answer is: anytime! The MWELL Quinoa Pudding is a smooth, creamy and lightly sweetened snack giving you an easy way to improve your inner wellness any time of day - have it with your breakfast, as a mid-morning or afternoon snack, a dessert after dinner or a bedtime treat 😊


How can I pay for MWELL?
We accept all the usual payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and PayPal.

My discount code isn’t working. What’s the problem?
Sorry about that. If you’re having trouble with a discount code, we’ll do our best to help – to contact us click the Help Button. 

How do I cancel a delivery?
Changed your mind? If you need to cancel an order, contact our customer care team as soon as you can by clicking the help button – as long as it hasn’t gone through to be picked and packed, you should be able to cancel. You can also cancel subscriptions any time; just log into your MWELL account, click on ‘My Account’ then go to ‘Edit Subscription’. If you have any problems, contact our customer care team.


Where do you ship to?
We currently ship to customers in the United Kingdom. 
Do you offer free shipping?
Yes, for orders above £29 we offer free next day tracked & signed delivery to the UK. 

When will my order arrive?
We do our best to ship in-stock items within 2 business days. Once your order is shipped, you can expect next day delivery for UK domestic orders. UK domestic includes Scotland, Channel Islands & Wales. For Scottish Islands the delivery time is slightly longer. 

How do I track my order?
Right now, only UK consumers can track their orders. As soon as your UK order ships, we’ll send you a shipping confirmation email with your tracking ID number.

If you have an MWell account, you can also find your tracking ID number in the Order History section of My Account.

If you're having trouble locating your package, our team is happy to help - please contact us by clicking the Help Button.

Ingredients and nutrition

What’s in MWELL foods?
Our ingredients are listed on the product detail pages on our website. We are proud of what is in our foods and what is not! We even feature pictures of our beautiful ingredients. Check them out!

Where do I find more nutritional information about MWELL foods?
You’ll find everything you need to know on our product detail pages on our website.

Are MWELL products vegan?
Yes, many of our MWELL products are vegan. The information is listed on the product detail pages.

Where does your prebiotic fibre come from?
The prebiotic fibre in MWELL products comes from chicory root.

Do MWELL foods contain allergens?
Yes, some of our products contain allergens. Please see the nutritional label for each of our foods on the product detail pages on our website.

Where do I find more nutritional information about other MWELL products?
You’ll find everything you need to know about each product on the product detail page – just choose the product from this list.

Are MWELL products non-GMO?
Yes, all the ingredients in our products are non-GMO.

Exchanges and returns

I’d like to return something I’ve bought from MWELL. What now?
We’re sorry to hear that! If you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, please get in touch. Our customer care team will be happy to either replace your purchase or give you a refund. Please note, though, that requests for returns or exchanges must be made within 30 days of delivery.

What should I do if there’s something wrong with my MWELL products?
We have really high standards and tough quality assurance procedures, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. But if you notice a problem when your food arrives, or something isn’t quite how you expected, send us a photo of the issue, so that we can work out what went wrong and make sure it never happens again. We’ll also either send you new food, or process a full refund.

Can I buy MWELL products in any shops or supermarkets?
Not at the moment – it’s available to buy exclusively on our website

Directions for use

How much powder should I use each day, and what’s the best way to include it in my food?
We suggest 1tbsp per serving of our multi-serve Microbiome Powder or a single sachet of our Prebiotic & Fibre powder or Live Culture and Fibre powder. If you’re not used to fibre start adding to your diet slowly. Start with one serving per day and drink lots of water. You can decide to add more later if you aren’t quite reaching your suggested 30 grams of fibre per day recommendation or try our other great tasting food products to add more fibre or prebiotics to your diet. Take a look at our recipes for usage ideas.

Can kids use MWELL Powder or other foods?
Yes, MWELL Microbiome foods are suitable for children.

I have a health condition. Can I eat MWELL Microbiome Powder?
If you have a health condition, it’s always best to check with your GP or another healthcare practitioner before you make any big changes to your diet. See what they say first.

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